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The Quest for a Record – A Cheap Angler Fishing documentary.

A couple years ago, when I first started doing fishing videos on YouTube, I landed a very large Rio Grande Cichlid. I took it home, and ate it that night. It was roughly 14 inches, and close to 3 lbs. After eating it, I found an article about the world record Rio Grande Cichlid, and saw that it was only 11 inches and 2 lbs.

Since then, the idea of catching a record size fish has been in the back of my mind everywhere I go. I rarely keep any fish I catch anymore, so keeping a record size fish just doesn’t feel right. Then I discovered Texas Parks and Wildlife keeps track of Catch and Release Records, as well as Water Body Records.

This documentary is the story of me setting out on a quest to bring in a record size fish, and get it submitted.

Texas Parks & Wildlife – San Antonio River Water Body Records:

Jerek Gonzalez – Alamo City Fishing:

Gregory Carrillo – @gregofuego:

My Gear:
Ultra Light Rod:
My Line:
Thin Senko:
Grub: American Tackle – Wake Grub, 3.5 inch, Zander Special
Casting Rod:
Casting Reel:
Spinning Rod: American Tackle Custom
Spinning Reel:
Whopper Plopper: 90, Blue Blood –

Greg’s Gear:
Rod: 6’6″ Ultra Light –
Bait: Pink/Chartreuse 1/16th oz grub –

Rain on the Parade – Freedom Trail Studios
That Part – Diamond Ortiz
Roots of Legend – Density & Time
Triumph – Young Logos

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** Some fishing locations are private property, others may be places I was invited to on the condition of anonymity. I’ve posted a handful of locations and had them blow up and become over-fished. Whether this is due to my YouTube channel, or the result of other people spreading the word, I will no longer be posting locations publicly. If you really want to know a location, message me privately. If I can share it, I will. I can easily be reached on Facebook and Instagram.

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